September 26, 2018

 In July of 2018, thieves broke into the new Philipp Plein store on London’s Bond St, stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of high fashion. Plein’s response: to post the CCTV footage on his Instagram with the caption, “They could have robbed Cartier next door, but they preferred PP.”


He’s notorious for his devil-may-care, rock-n-roll attitude which influences his fashion designs, shining through boldly via sparking Swarovski crystal skulls and studded stiletto heels.


Plein is an unstoppable force in the fashion world: hosting the most blistering parties at Fashion Weeks around the globe and hanging in the closets of the A-listers.


Just days ago, Philipp Plein walked away from the GQ Awards with the Brand of the Year trophy tucked under his arm, a testament to 19 years of keeping the fashion crowd on its toes – always trending, never trailing.


Here’s why we are obsessed with Philipp Plein.

 1. One Philipp Plein accessory takes your outfit to the next level


Philipp Plein’s wildly extravagant style means that even the smallest accessory can instantly transform your look with effortless edge. Dramatic designs give the simplest items a wicked twist that has us struggling to choose just one.


Slinging an intricately crystal-studded bag over your shoulder or stepping into a pair of sky-high animal print stilettos will take your ensemble from tame to trending in under a minute.

 2. The man behind the designs


Plein has declared his mission in life is to never become boring. Since the brand’s inception, Plein collections have exploded onto the Fashion Week runways, thrilling fashionistas around the globe. We don’t see boring in Plein’s future.


We’re inspired by the designer’s entrepreneurial spirit, his dedication to design and his unwavering determination which has seen him accelerate from designing luxury pet accessories and creating an exclusive steel furniture design company from his parents’ basement, to conquering the fashion world and rubbing shoulders with the A-list.


3. Hollywood’s ‘it’ crowd loves Plein


Philipp Plein is a first name basis with the who’s who of Hollywood and is a bona fide member of the jet set, spending mornings in Milan and evenings in Paris for work and play. Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent have all hustled for front row seats at the designer’s runway shows.


The Plein Fashion Week presentations are notorious: think shocking, no-expense-spared events with gorgeous models flaunting his creations riding rollercoasters and spaceships. The surprises are plenty – Rita Ora once burst out of the trunk of a customised matte black Chevrolet El Camino to open Plein’s Milan show. When the last model steps off the runway, Plein’s shows transform into luxuriously wild afterparties.


What’s certain is that the setting and choreography of every Plein show truly embody the vibe and philosophy of the brand.


4. The best of the best


No expense is spared in the creation of Philipp Plein fashion. The designer famously insisted on including 500 euro t-shirts in his first collections because he refused to blend in with the crowd.


Your wardrobe will thank you for investing in a Philipp Plein piece. We’re talking backpacks made from the most buttery leather, glittering Swarovski crystals adorning everything from clutches to jeans, outlandish designs brought to life with hardware that would make Anna Wintour’s jaw drop.


Every single item from the Plein collection is beautifully made, with attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship that is evident when you slip into an off-the-rack garment that is seemingly made just for you.

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